Banking & Securities

At Falcon, we have a proven track record leading successful capital market programs. We have the expertise and vision to help you deliver greater value for your stakeholders.

We can provide a wide range of services from proposal to execution, supporting problem-solving efforts for the issues that arise in financial institutions management.

We encompass a rich pool of expertise with strategies, business processes and IT (Information Technology) for the banking and securities industry.

Falcon will assure customers with

• Speedy development and deployment of value-added services
• Info Supply that enables managers to quick decisions
• Sophisticated Risk Management
• Business and operational processes for comply with rules and regulations

• Enhanced compliance solutions

Energy & Power

We are specialize consultants in the energy industry sector. We know how to create and implement business and technology solutions for the unique needs of energy companies. We enable your organization to re-engineer and standardize on more efficient processes and systems for managing complex multi-national operations.

Public Sector

Public agencies in development countries are under public scrutiny against the backdrop of declining tax revenues due to the recession coupled with the increase in economic measure spending. In that case, it is required only the ability to gauge diversifying needs and realize services to fulfill them. For sustainable operation, additional efforts will be necessary to improve the efficiency in services, optimize the organization and reduce costs in every way possible, including privatization of some of the operations.

In this sector, FMC services support operational and technology initiatives from analysis and strategy to comprehensive process re-engineering. We serve central and local government agencies, healthcare institutions and universities which emphasizes economics principles practiced in the private sector. We see citizens as stakeholders and beneficiaries of services you provide as your customers.

Our expertise includes audits, validations, process assessments and optimization, organizational change initiatives, IT design and implementation, outsourcing services, advisory and assistance with proposals for major initiatives. commitments.

  • At Falcon Consulting our commitment to excellence impacts the financial and organizational success of our clients.