Financial & Control Management (FMC)

Accounting and Finance departments will fulfill the objective for accurate and efficient daily accounting operation. We also, with help you to enhance management efficiency by directly supporting the decision-making process of top management.

Internal Control: By maintaining and enhancing internal controls, enterprises become capable of responding to various risks of misstatements in financial reporting, thus enabling them to realize a well-rounded enterprise

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Falcon Management Consulting (FMC) provides extensive and coherent services including system solution implementation/integration and change management. This enables us to impact clients from customer strategy to operational transformation, such as customer touch-point, marketing, sales and customer services.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

In addition to the traditional tasks of talent acquisition, administration of payroll and benefits, and care of employee records; HR professional now work closely with line of business managers, measuring employee performance against business goals and optimizing workforce utilization for operational and competitive advantages. Global organizations face additional challenges of rationalizing Human Capital Management programs for cultural differences, business conditions and talent pools across geographies.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Competitive pressures require increasingly faster response to market changes, protecting against excess inventories, shortage sales and operations planning cycles, and moving towards demand-driven supply chains with quick, dependable commitments.

Falcon Management Consulting (FMC) apply industry and country-specific knowledge to supply chain management, including new product development, after sales services management and demand planning management.

Mobile Enterprise

At Falcon, we believe and conceive of Enterprise mobile as infrastructure to utilize and support Enterprise, applications, rather than mere of use of mobile devices. We believe successful implementation of Enterprise mobile requires comprehensive incorporation of business model, agile decision making and processes and technologies.

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